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Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Essential oils have been used for years for all kinds of ailments. From headaches to bug repellent, there are so many natural compounds that can be found to help with life’s aches and pains. A form of relaxation known as aromatherapy has taken the beauty community by storm. Below is a list of a few anxiety-relieving oils for your aromatherapy device.

1. Lavender

A tried and true scent for mental relief. Chances are you’ve grown up with this oil, as it’s found in almost every popular body product. It’s even been adopted into cuisine by coffee shops and chefs compressing the lavender into syrups for added flavor. It has maintained a common belief in its ability to reduce stress and improve mood, as well as acting as a natural sleep-aid. It can be found in our Calming lotion.

2. Ylang Ylang

It is a commonly held belief in aromatherapists that ylang ylang can help to reduce stress & anxiety. It has a history of traditional and herbal treatments for diseases like malaria, rheumatism, gout, and headaches. You can find this essential oil in our Calming lotion.

3. Lemon

Lemon, although it is a stimulating scent, it helps to aid in overall clarity and mindfulness. People have claimed it to fight exhaustion and inflammation. This oil can be found in many natural household cleaning products, which makes sense due to its resistance to harmful bacteria like E. coli. and staphylococcus.

4. Rose

Rose oil has been found to protect against bacteria and fungi on top of decreasing levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It’s been noted that rose oil allergies are less common than other oils, but a patch test should always be done on a localized part of the skin to ensure a safe and non-reactive essential oil experience.

5. Chamomile

Many are familiar with this flower in their bed-time tea routine, but it actually has healing properties. When distilled, the sweetness of the flower can be a relaxing experience. Some studies have even suggested using chamomile as a treatment for insomnia.

In Summary

Aromatherapy, or the act of breathing or using essential oils for treatments of any kind, can reduce everyday stresses. Essential oils are made from plants, herbs, roots, petals… really any kind of plant matter. It is believed that certain oils can soothe and ease different parts of the body by sending messages through smell receptors to the nervous system in your brain. If you’ve tried other medications and nothing’s worked, you may want to try the homeopathic approach to anxiety relief.